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Tenement, Pollokshields, Glasgow

I was commissioned to draw an elevation and section through this tenement in Pollokshields, Glasgow. It’s the first time I have drawn a section through a tenement close, the communal area between flats, incorporating the entrance, stairwell and landings. This tenement has wonderful tiles lining the walls all the way up to the top, a signifier of its status when built, some in the city only have tiles in the entrance hall, and are painted further up; others are entirely painted.

Initial Sketch
(380 x 250mm)

Initial Elevation Sketch
(250mm x 180mm)

Initial Section Sketch
(250mm x 180mm)

Elevation Survey Sketch
(250mm x 180mm)

Section Survey Sketch
(360mm x 250mm)

Final Drawing
Elevation and Section
Scale 1:50
760mm x 510mm