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Along and Through Gibson Street - Woodlands Workspace

The Gibson Street Drawings are a self driven project to celebrate the independent businesses on this short stretch of street, recording the variety and energy of these enterprises, providing Woodlands and the surrounding area with goods and services, from bread to bicycles, magazines to mochas and lager to lunch.

The shops all inhabit Tenement Ground floors and show the variety in form and function of these flexible spaces, in which the architecture enhances and encourages life and commerce. ’The ability of a building to change is an element of the relevant stability of a neighbourhood. A vital neighbourhood changes, but more slowly than the individual buildings within it’. (Davis, Howard (2012), Living Over The Store – Architecture and Local Urban Life, London &93 New York, Routledge, p.93)

These drawings record in forensic detail the interiors of these places, capturing them as the backdrop and setting for the vibrant and varied commercial and communal life of the street.


Exhibition Poster


Exhibition Postcards

A series of postcards were produced and distributed to visitors to the exhibition. These were cropped images of the final drawings produced, at the same scale as the original drawings.

Artisan Roast Postcard.

Artisan Roast Postcard Reverse Sample.

Gear Bikes Postcard.

Left Bank Postcard.

Rajous Postcard

Stravaigin Postcard