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Artists Statement

My background in Architecture has instilled in me the importance of people and place, and the significance that one’s environment, has on their understanding of community and identity. The architect Sarah Wigglesworth has informed the way in which I have developed my ongoing investigations of domestic, commercial and industrial buildings through recording, measurement and drawing by hand.  She comments that, ‘To capture something as large as a building on the size of a piece of paper, architects work to a reduced scale, using symbols and codes to represent the world’. She has considered, as I have, ‘How to use the conventions of architectural drawings to describe space as a lived experience rather than as a static or predictable moment of perfection’.

I demonstrate an honest, observant and perceptive approach to Architecture, exhibited and recorded through carefully constructed scale drawings with pen, atmospherically inhabited with watercolour. Applying Architectural Conventions of Plan, Section, Elevation and Scale enable me to investigate spacial qualities of architecture. This investigation is further enhanced as the object of my investigation is recorded as a lived in experience as opposed to a singular moment of perfection. Furniture, finishes and further ephemera are all depicted. The drawings I produce accurately show the nature of a space, and the forensic detail show the character of a space; allowing the viewer to engage in the subject matter in a new way, and to consider further the spaces and places we interact with.

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